Wild Enchantress

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Wild Enchantress Training : Women's Work Facilitator Training
Sacred Feminine Essence Alchemy

Facilitated by:
Wild Essence Yoga School LLC
Jessi Mendez ERYT500 Sacred Feminine Alchemist
Brie Wollman ERYT500 Women's Work Facilitator

Yoga Alliance CEU Accredited Program
Jessi Mendez ERYT500 : 30 Online Hours

Video, Audio, PDF Content
Journaling Assignments
Recipe & Ritual for Feminine Embodiment,
Luscious Womanual E-Book For Sacred Keeping
Virtual Full Moon Ceremonies

What Is Included:
Certification through Wild Essence Yoga School
Wild Enchantress : Womben's Work Facilitator
To Host Women's Circles & Hold Space for Feminine Embodiment

Yoga Alliance CEU Credits 30 Online

Your Instructor

Jessi Mendez
Jessi Mendez

Jessi is the lead trainer and experienced yoga teacher with over 5,000 hours of experience multiple trainings lead, graduating over 100 certified instructors. Jessi Mendez ERYT500 attunes to wise whispers of nature for the soul purpose of the embodiment, activation and reclamation of the Wild Feminine on the planet. Through intuitively intelligent movement medicine practices, powerful circle and ceremony, Jessi calls back what is instinctual - raw - and authentically present in the bones. It is her mission through all of her teachings, writings and programs to call home the WILD, the WISE, the HAG, the WITCH and the WOLF in every Womban brave enough to see her own reflection.

Courses Included with Purchase

Blood Bones & Magic
A Wild Woman’s Virtual Handbook
Jessi Mendez

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