Wild Mystic Advanced Facilitator Training 1000HR

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Wild Essence Yoga School LLC presents a revolutionary new development in Yoga, Nature, Energy, Magic and Business Facilitation courses. This is our full course library
The full curriculum is available HERE ONLINE, alongside the option to complete physical hours worldwide and infinitely open circles for continued study and connection.
The voice of the WILD, WISE Woman has risen. Finally a training driven from this Voice, from this Body, from this Nature.

Graduates of this program upon contact hour completion requirements will be credentialed as....
Yoga, World Philosophy, Nature & Magic
RYT200 [Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR] Yoga Alliance & Wild Essence Yoga School

RYT500 [Registered Yoga Teacher 500HR] Yoga Alliance & Wild Essence Yoga School

After the 2 years of study and practice you will also be eligible for the [E] Designation with Yoga Alliance which marks experienced teachers

Wild Enchantress Women's Work Facilitator ; To hold circles, offer guidance and support for women in all walks of life

Sacred Sexuality Facilitator ; To provide education surrounding women's sexual wellness and well being and hold space for trauma related.

Plant Medicine Practitioner ; To offer sacred ceremony with plant teachers and educate surrounding their nourishing properties and spiritual significance

Magic, Druidry & Pagan Studies Practitioner ; To offer cyclic ritual and ceremony surrounding the wheel of the year, manifestation, and educate others in the field.

Conscious Business Guide ; To offer services in the field of entrepreneurial guidance to women in spiritual business.

All of the classes you are about to read about are included in this juicy, luscious, completely revolutionary program...

Wild Mystic 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Course

Asana 201 : 3 Key Points and Posture Category

Anatomy 201 : Systems & Musculoskeletal

History 201 : Timeline & Teachers

Philosophy 201 : Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita

Ayurveda 201 : Doshas, Gunas, Vkruti/Prakriti

Sadhana 201 : Hours of personal practice classes

Svadyaya 201 : Self study of required readings, journaling and essays

Cueing & Sequencing 201 : General form methods, filler assessments, practice teaching, written posture cueing

Hands On Assist 201 : Safety only assists for 200HR Teachers

Pranayama 201 : Dirga, Ujayi, Kapalabati, Bhastrika, Nadi Shodana

Meditation 201 : Types of meditation, self practice & teaching meditation format

Energetic Anatomy 201 : Chakra System, Nadi’s, Prana

Ethics and Morals 201 : Business, boundaries, student-teacher relationships, mental health, trauma

Wild Mystic 300HR Yoga Teacher Training Course

Asana 301 : Progressions of posture, peak poses, climactic alignment

Anatomy 301 : Applied Musculoskeletal for sequence progression, injuries, rehabilitation and contraindication, muscle palpation, testing, compression/tension

Soul World History 301 : Ancient teachings of oneness across the globe

Philosophy 301 : Mahabarata, Karma, Seva, World Philosophy

Ayurveda 301 : Seasonal dosha practices, energetics of food

Sadhana 301 : Hours of personal practice classes

Svadyaya 301 : Self study of required readings, journaling and essays

Cueing & Sequencing 301 : Layered general form cueing; structural, alignment, muscular, organic, descriptive, and spiral cueing

Language & Inflection 301 : Luscious verbiage, tone, pause, resonance, delivery, inflection, and energetics of language

Hands On Assist 301 : 3 layers of hands on assistance; safety, deepening and energetic

Pranayama 301 : Origins, benefits, anatomical application, energetic application, practice teaching

Meditation 301 : Structure of Nidra, Journey, Visualization / writing and delivering meditation

Energetic Anatomy 301 : Energetic/Anatomical pairing, auric fields, working with energy, conducting space energy, clearing and shifting personal and group energetics, energy medicine, holding space

Business & Marketing 301 : Marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, studio ownership, branding, digital presence, pricing, boundaries, services, growing an audience

Creativity & Nature 301 : Creative portals in cyclic timing, channeling creative energy, brainstorming, vision boards, manifestation

Energetic Ethics 301 : Triggers, emotional residue, projection, the role of facilitation in growth, teaching/practicing spiritual integrity, harvesting personal accountability

Tantra 301 : Intro to cathartic release, mantra, intimacy work, kundalini

Wild Enchantress Women’s Work Facilitation Course

Lunar Cycles 401 : Cyclic alignment of women and the moon phases

Menstrual Cycles 401 : Phases of the menstrual cycle alignment with energies

Herbs & Oils 401 : Plant medicine for women to support phases, and stages of life

Womb Cleansing 401 : Releasing residual information of past relationships/ traumas to till creative soil

Medial Woman 401 : Balance between earth and spirit experience, to remain anchored to the physical plane

Reclaiming Ritual 401 : Ritual practices for reclaiming interconnectivity with soul and nature

Intuitive Development 401 : Prompts and exercises for accessing the subconscious, symbolism, translating communication from nature and highest self

Crystals 401 : Intro to properties, benefits, energetics of crystal teachers and mineral kingdom

The Elements 401 : Sentience of the five elements and how to access their vibration for feminine nourishment

Leading Circle 401 : Activating sacred space, facilitation of women’s work, space holding, processing, triggers, trauma

Feminine Archetypal Psychology 401 : Introduction to the feminine archetypes and how to reclaim them

Yoni De-Armouring 401 : Pelvic floor mapping, energetics of the pelvic bowl, cellular memory, rewiring sensory experience

Carnal Nature Sexual Rewilding Facilitation Course

Orgasms 501 : The 5 types of orgasms available to women and the 4 available to men, their energetics and practices to awaken them

Mental-Emotional Barriers 501 : Understanding the mental emotional hindrances to experiencing pleasure and applicable practices to identify and rewire them

Energetic Anatomy 501 : Exploration of energetic sexual space, activating voice and choice with this understanding

Self Love 501 : Self pleasure practices for yoni de-armouring and nourishing relationship with the body

Tantric Practice 501 : Partner intimacy practices, unlocking cosmic awareness through sexual connection

Essence of Magic : Plants & Energy Facilitation Course

The Pagan Wheel 601 : History sabbaths, rituals, traditions, spells for each season

Plant Teachers 601 : Working with plant teachers to make remedies, medicine, spells, and rituals

Reiki 601 : Attunement to Japanese Reiki Energy for enhancement of self alignment and facilitation

Druidry 601 : History, philosophy, practices, rituals and teachings, celtic philosophy and teachings

Shamanism 601 : The peruvian medicine wheel, journey, philosophy, traditions and rituals, plant medicine.

Curanderismo 601 : Mexican and central american healing practices, rituals, beliefs and philosophy, closing of the bones ceremony

Lakota Teachings 601 : Lakota wisdom and teachings for ceremonial remembrance of the interconnectedness of all Spirit.

Astrology 601 : Natal Charts, moon phase mapping, retrogrades, solstice, eclipses

Conscious Business Creatrix: Entrepreneurship & Lifestyle Course

Goddess Mastermind 701 : Limiting belief patterns, manifestation mindset

Astrological Fiscal Planning 701 : Mapping the fiscal year around retrogrades, full moons and planning for high and low energies, product/service launches

Marketing & Branding 701 : Attracting ideal audience, aligning brand values, creating image, developing a following, email automation, post automation, content development.

Your Instructor

Jessi Mendez
Jessi Mendez

Jessi is the lead trainer and experienced yoga teacher with over 5,000 hours of experience multiple trainings lead, graduating over 100 certified instructors. Jessi Mendez ERYT500 attunes to wise whispers of nature for the soul purpose of the embodiment, activation and reclamation of the Wild Feminine on the planet. Through intuitively intelligent movement medicine practices, powerful circle and ceremony, Jessi calls back what is instinctual - raw - and authentically present in the bones. It is her mission through all of her teachings, writings and programs to call home the WILD, the WISE, the HAG, the WITCH and the WOLF in every Womban brave enough to see her own reflection.

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Wild Enchantress
Women's Work Facilitation Training LIVE NOW
1 Course Bundle
200HR Yoga Teacher Training
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Jessi Mendez
300HR Yoga Teacher Training
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Jessi Mendez
Essence of Magic : Plant & Energy Medicine
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Michelle Guerrero
Conscious Business Creatrix
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Jessi Mendez
Carnal Nature : Sexual Rewilding
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Jessi Mendez

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